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If you’re looking for cover, Smart Insurance offers Family Life Insurance that could help your family to manage major household debts like the mortgage and car repayments, or simply help with daily living expenses if the worst were to happen. Please call them on 0800 977 6057 for your free quote, or visit their website www.smartinsurance.co.uk 

Please note: If you’re an existing customer, your FRANKLi policy remains unaffected. Please call FRANKLi customer service on 0800 542 7981 if you have any questions. 

Help them to carry on when you’re gone

Life insurance can help you to keep life on track for your loved ones should you pass away unexpectedly. With the right protection in place, you can leave behind a lump sum that can help your family to keep up with household bills, outstanding debts and loan repayments, so they can carry on with life as you would want it. After all, when there’s been a bereavement, the thing everyone values most is normality.

If you’re worried that your family might not have enough money if you were to die suddenly, life insurance could be for you. FRANKLi’s Life Insurance kicks in from day one (except if death is the result of self-inflicted injury in the first 12 months), so you won’t have to wait to be protected. As well as that, our Funeral Pledge means your loved ones could get up to £10,000 of a valid claim paid in advance for for your funeral, so they won't be left in the lurch.

How our cover works

Simply  choose a policy that meets your needs, with a monthly premium that is affordable and suits your lifestyle. If you die during your policy term, your loved ones will receive a cash lump sum which could make all the difference during a distressing time.  

If you’re unfamiliar with life insurance, our guide to Life Insurance breaks down everything you need to know in detail.  

FRANKLi offers Term Life Insurance. This type of policy is put in place for a fixed amount of time, or ‘term’. How long it is in place for is up to you. If you die during the policy, your loved ones will receive a lump sum to help them carry on as you would want them to.  Not only that, but free healthcare services are included with our cover. With unlimited access to a remote GP, mental health support and other health and wellbeing experts, it’s easy to keep your loved ones' health in top shape.   

You can apply for a level or increasing policy. With a level policy, you’ll choose a fixed lump sum to leave behind for your loved ones when you pass away. You’ll pay the same premium amount each month until the end of your policy.  An increasing policy, on the other hand, can help you to protect your cover from inflation. Your benefit amount increases each year and your monthly premiums increase to reflect the rise in your benefit amount.  

Free Info Pack

Find out more about FRANKLi Life Insurance and Mortgage Life Insurance with our free, easy-to-understand information pack, including important things to consider when buying life insurance.

What's covered by FRANKLi Life Insurance? 

With FRANKLi, you’re covered from day one (except if death is the result of self-inflicted injury in the first 12 months). That means if you die during your policy term or are diagnosed with a terminal illness by  a medical specialist, your family will receive a lump sum payment. This includes if you were to contract coronavirus and subsequently pass away.

You can choose a benefit amount up to £750,000 depending on your age. You can also choose a term from 5 - 40 years. However you should note that the policy will end following the life insured's 89th birthday. If you feel like you need to make a change to your policy you can apply to increase or decrease your benefit amount for free. 

Even better, FRANKLi's life insurance includes additional benefits such as our funeral pledge, free healthcare services and claim support fund at no extra cost to you. Please note however that these are non-contractual benefits and do not form part of your insurance contract. They may be withdrawn at any time. 

FREE healthcare services

All the help you need to manage your loved ones' health and wellbeing, whatever life throws at you. 

  • 24/7 remote GP – Unlimited access to a UK-registered GP anywhere in the world.
  • Online health check – Personalised recommendations to help you take control of your health. 
  • Mental health support – One-off chats to remote therapy from trained professionals.  
  • Fitness programme – A diet and exercise plan to help you achieve your goals. 
  • Nutrition consultation – Nutritionists on hand to help with diets, weight loss, allergies and more. 
  • Expert case management – A second opinion from a medical expert. 

Learn more 

How to make a claim

At a difficult time, it's straightforward for your family to make a claim with FRANKLi:  

  1. Contact us to start the claim process. 
  2. Once a claim request is received, AIG Life Limited will contact the claimant and will send a claim form to be completed, signed and returned. 
  3. Provide any requested medical information. 

Things to Consider

  • Consider the benefit amount you choose as inflation may reduce its buying power over time. If you choose the Increasing Benefit Option, this can help to protect your policy from the effects of inflation
  • If you stop your monthly payments, you will get nothing back

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