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If you’re looking for cover, Smart Insurance offers Family Life Insurance that could help your family to manage major household debts like the mortgage and car repayments, or simply help with daily living expenses if the worst were to happen. Please call them on 0800 977 6057 for your free quote, or visit their website www.smartinsurance.co.uk 

Please note: If you’re an existing customer, your FRANKLi policy remains unaffected. Please call FRANKLi customer service on 0800 542 7981 if you have any questions. 

FREE healthcare services FREE healthcare services You, your partner and kids (up to age 21) will get unlimited access to a range of health and wellbeing services.
Affordable Affordable High quality insurance doesn’t have to mean a high price. That’s why our prices start from less than £5 per month¹
Quick and easy Quick and easy Get a quote in minutes and coverage from day one,² with no medical or blood tests to slow you down.

Free Info Pack

Find out more about FRANKLi Life Insurance and Mortgage Life Insurance with our free, easy-to-understand information pack, including important things to consider when buying life insurance.

Keep life on track when you're gone

After school clubs, football on Saturdays, pizzas in front of the telly, going round the shops, even a holiday to Spain. When you die, you’ll want your family to carry on living as they expect to now. After all, when there’s been a bereavement, the thing everyone values most is normality. Getting back into the swing of life takes time and strength, but also – let’s be honest – money.

FRANKLi gives your family a lump sum payment when you die, that helps cover bills and other outgoings, or pays off the mortgage so they can carry on living in the family home.


You will receive your gift card once a minimum of 6 successful monthly premiums have been paid and the total premiums paid exceed the face value of the gift card. View full terms and conditions


£4.84 per month for a 32-year-old non-smoker with £100,000 of life insurance cover over a 10-year term. 


Except if death is the result of self-inflicted injury in the first 12 months.


The products offered by FRANKLi Insurance are provided by AIG Life Limited, who approved and paid 98% of all life insurance claims received in 2019.

For information on Coronavirus and life insurance, call 0800 542 7981 or click here.